About Us

Mitch - Owner, Callsign Creations


I joined the Air Force and started basic training in February of 2010. I went through technical training at Keesler AFB for 2 months followed by 8 months at Sheppard AFB. From there I went to Shaw AFB as an F-16 Avionics technician. Many Nellis TDY's and a deployment later, I was picked up for OTS to become a pilot in the fall of 2016. I commissioned one year later and moved onto Columbus AFB, MS for UPT. From there I was picked up for F-16s and completed B-Course at Holloman AFB, NM. I am now stationed back at Shaw AFB, SC where we are operating Callsign Creations.

I've always been a hobbyist, and often criticized about the amount of hobbies that I have while being active duty. For a short period I was making custom vinyl decals at Shaw AFB in my spare time, ranging from unit decals to automotive racing stripes. I was forced to stop when I was picked up for OTS and had to prepare my house and life for the drastic changes that were about to come.

During UPT I was grounded for a significant amount of time due to medical complications. In this time, I decided to be more productive with my time than just sitting around the house separated from my wife. I decided to buy a 3D printer and start tinkering. That quickly turned into a second printer, followed by a laser engraver, followed by a homebuilt dremel cnc, followed by a resin 3D printer. I started making some things for friends, and quickly gained attention from coworkers who wanted other custom items. I continue to grow with my knowledge of these tools, and am constantly trying to improve my product range and quality. I now have (6) 3D printers, a Co2 and Fiber laser, and a 30x30" CNC.

As of right now, all the profit made from sales goes into the current machines and upgrades to improve quality and options.